Trening u Gruziji! Primamo nove osobe u naš volonterski tim!

Voliš raditi s mladima? Zainteresiran/na si za pisanje projekata iz područja ljudskih sloboda i prava ili primjerice govora mržnje? Uvijek si se pitao/la što to Kreaktiva radi i sada želiš postati dio tima? Evo prilike!

Posebno smo sretni što imamo mogućnost primiti novu osobu u naš tim koji putuje u Tbilisi u Gruziju u svibnju, od 18 – do 26. svibnja 2020. godine.

Troškovi hrane i smještaja su pokriveni iz projekta dok se trošak puta refundira do propisanoga iznosa i u skladu s pravilima Erasmus+ programa.

Sažetak o projektu je na engleskom jeziku kako bi se potencijalni kandidati pripremili. Službeni jezik treninga je engleski jezik.

In everyday language, young people often refer to the freedom of “expression”. This freedom covers all forms of human expression, including written expression, images, theater, videos and music. Any online activity is a form of expression, potentially covered by this right. Internet has opened up new spaces for communication and exchange, but with fewer constraints: everyone can hide behind distance and anonymity to express their hatred of others. It is easy to share and spread hatred, for example by commenting and re-posting. The effects can be devastating, and the whole society is affected. The most harmful speeches often involve simple stories repeated several times in different forms: “migrants stealing our work” an allegation that is often trivialized and skillfully formulated. Youth workers are confronted with that kind of speeches from young people and need to be equipped for fighting them. We need to develop and to clarify our position: to limit the freedom of Expression would reduce the possibilities of the people to participate to the society, and participation is itself a fundamental human right affording citizenship and democracy. The right to the freedom of Expression is really important as it’s helping us to understand why it’s necessary “to tolerate” certain forms of (moderate) intolerance in a democratic society, and also as it’s defining some limits to to what individuals might be allowed to say. We are sharing common objectives with the other partner organisations of this TC as:
 – To raise awareness of Hate Speech in order to change attitudes and encourage young people to act;
 – To equip youth workers to help young people defend human rights both online and offline;
– To identify online Hate Speech and develop tools to respond to it, actually to be prepared for facing those situations ;
 – To support and to show solidarity with individuals and groups targeted by offline and online Hate Speech.

Osoba mora posjedovati putovnicu.

Ako ste zainteresirani prijavite se putem sljedećeg linka. Prijave su otvorene do 7.3.2020.

Veselimo se novoj osobi u našem timu!

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