Training course “EXTREmism EMEndation” has successfully ended.

Last December, our Association attended an Erasmus+ Training course called “EXTREmism EMEndation” in Magenta and Abbiategrasso near Milan, Italy.

Our members together with other 24 youth workers from Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania discussed the extremism phenomena in EU which nowadays threaten democracy. The Training Course was hosted by the Young Effect Association from Magenta, Italy and the location was a former old Monastery called Annunciata in the city of Abbiategrasso. The main objective was to address the radicalization of young people by using non formal methods for understanding the phenomenon, the strategies and methods of prevention to be used and also by promoting cooperation among the key actors. Project has been successful not only because participants were really active and motivated but also because by using creativity and knowledge they produced some mini video info-guide that you can find on this link www.youtube.com/user/APSYoungEffect

During the training course several local stakeholders attended the event, contributing in opening the debate and stimulating the discussion between participants. Politicians from Magenta and NGO representatives (ACLI) were attending some sessions and they brought their experience of working with young citizens in risk of violence and radicalization. We had as well the great surprise of hosting Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara, coming from Cuba. She talked about situation of poverty in her island and political tension between Cuba and USA and how this situation can bring especially young people to be extreme in their behavior.

Participants had the great opportunity to discover the story of the “Refettorio Non di Solo Pane”, a social project in Magenta where hundreds or volunteer are cooking and serving food to people that are facing economical difficulties. The dancing school Hombra Latina animated our nights, a good point for keep up the energy and break the ice.

Our Association is still cooperating with all the project partners in order to create new projects and repeat a similar wonderful experience like the Training “Extremism Emendation”.